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In a world of constantly changing, contradicting fitness tips and body transformations that are unrealistic to maintain past the photo shoot; we, at P1, believe that you deserve to be fit and healthy for life!

With a team that boasts a combined experience of over 50 years in the fitness industry, we designed a model that doesn’t just get great results, but perhaps even more importantly, infinitely scalable and maintainable, so you will look and feel amazing for years to come!

Read our reviews, talk to our members or book your 2 weeks trial and find out how you could also take back control over your own body and mind.

“It's super convenient. I can actually do a lunchtime class, shower (towels and toiletries provided) and be back in the office without worry or delay.



“I’ve dropped 5% bodyfat and gained 2kg of lean muscle mass since starting, couldn’t be happier.”



“I was worried I’d quit after a month, but I’ve been a member for a year!”



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