Results based training with all the flexibility you'll ever need

In a world of constantly changing, contradicting fitness tips and body transformations that are unrealistic to maintain past the photo shoot; we, at P1, believe that you deserve to be fit and healthy for life!  

With a team that boasts a combined experience of over 50 years in the fitness industry, we designed a model that doesn’t just get great results, but perhaps even more importantly, infinitely scalable and maintainable, so you will look and feel amazing for years to come!  

The foundations of our programmes is sustainability and progress.

Independent qualities

We’re proud to be family run and independent. We make our own rules to ensure that our focus remains on our clients and their progress.

Personal Training - Gym - Team Classes

Maintainable, real-world results

Semi-Private Personal Training

Safe, effective and progressive coaching sessions led by our experienced trainers in groups no bigger than 4 people. The sessions are super flexible, run all day, every hour on the half to fit in with the busiest schedules.


1on1 Personal Training

If you require even more focus, you can choose to work 1on1 with a dedicated trainer or with a range of coaches. Our most intensive approach that works in 12-week cycles.

Team Training classes

Gym Access

The team training timetable has been designed to support the personal training packages. During this small group (max 12) training programme your calorie and effort output is tracked by our coaches using heart rate monitors for maximum results. With over 25 sessions of 4 different types running every week at peak times of the day, you're sure to find the ones for you.

All of our memberships include unlimited gym access for those days you'd rather just put your headphones in and crack on with your training programme alone. Gym access is unavailable as a standalone product. 

Start looking and feeling great today!

We help you building regular exercise into your schedule, so you can become the best version of you.