In Mancheter’s first dedicated Semi-Private Personal Training facility, we deliver our results based personal training programs, in a friendly but focused small group setting, allowing our clients to receive elite level personal training at a fraction of the cost of a 1-on-1 session.

Expert Personal Coaching

Nutritional Support

Fun, Friendly Atmosphere

Regardless of your experience or ability, we'll help you master everything you need to know.

Personlaised to you, no guesswork required.  

Nutritional coaching that's based on science to help you achieve actual results. No fads or quick fixes that never last.  

Our staged approach also helps you find and maintain a balance between enjoying life and living healthier.

To us, a gym is much more than just a room full of pointless equipment. 

This is why our members enjoy their training rather than just “enduring” their gym visits and as a result they come more consistently - Which in turn means they get better, long lasting results.  

Independent qualities

We’re proud to be family run and independent. We make our own rules to ensure that our focus remains on our clients and our mission to run a gym that brings fitness to life. A place where people come together to get the results that they want, whilst actually enjoying their workouts.

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Semi-Private Personal Training

We’re advocates of Small Group or Semi-Private Personal Training for many reasons, including the accountability it instills, the support and the structure it creates.  

There’s something special about the atmosphere group training generates. It can really help you get through a session, especially when you’re not feeling motivated. Looking over your shoulder and seeing others give it their all can encourage you to push it that little bit extra.  

Semi-Private Personal Training is effective and fun. It brings members together to get fit as a team! 

The idea of a 1on1 personal training relationship might seem good, but too often, the momentum fizzles out. With a small group of no more than four, you get the same level of attention but with a fun and inspiring group dynamic. It’s feeding off other like-minded members that spurs you on and on. 

It’s also amore flexible and less expensive option, allowing you to make the most of the other parts of your gym membership like our classes. At P1, personal training isn’t an alternative to gym membership and group training; it’s all wrapped up together in one effective, results-driven package. 

Start looking and feeling amazing today!

Begin your fitness journey with us, if you've had enough of the latest fads, celebrity body transformation and you are ready to achieve results that actually mean something. 

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